I Want You To Open Up To Me

Thought Catalog

It’s true, you always want something that you can’t have. The unattainable automatically are so much more desirable than those things that aren’t. Team that up with brokenness, and BAM! I’ll probably be thinking about you a lot. There’s something about the people that have been hurt, there’s more to their “I’m fine.” There’s always a story, usually a long complicated one behind their smile that I always find as my number one motivation to uncover what eats at them. What makes them tick.

I want to talk to you. I’ll use words and whatever it takes to fix you. I’ll use my arms not only to hold you, but to also break down the walls you’ve created over the years to keep people from getting too close. I want you to strip for me — not just ’til I can see your perfectly defined abs but strip down so…

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