Why You Need To Stop Asking Yourself “What If?”

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“What if I would’ve told him how I really felt before it was too late?” “What if I would’ve been there to tell my little brother not to get in the car with his friend who had been drinking?” “What if I would’ve studied abroad during my junior year?” The real question is, why are we tormenting ourselves by repeatedly analyzing past situations and allowing ourselves to dwell on alternative possible outcomes?

First things first, it’s easy to live in the past. Our past contains all of our experiences that make us who we are up to that point. Knowing that, it’s inevitable for us to wonder why certain events in our lives happened the way they did. However, there is a difference between remembering and reflecting on the past situation, versus allowing the situation to affect your present life when it should be stored away in the past.

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The Differences Between Dating A Girl And Dating A Woman

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1. A girl will expect to be pampered and treated like a princess at all times. A woman will expect to be treated with respect.

2. A girl wants to change a man. A woman accepts a man as he is.

3. In a fight, a girl seeks to be right, while a woman seeks to understand.

4. A girl needs you in her life. A woman wants you in her life.

5. A girl places herself and her wants first, always. A woman realizes that sometimes it is about her, and sometimes it’s about the other person in the relationship.

6. If a girl is upset, she will be passive-aggressive. If a woman is upset, she will tell you she is upset.

7. When a guy takes space, a girl will immediately pursue him (via text, calling, stalking). A woman lets a man take his space, and won’t hold…

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A Tough Choice, A Scary One

I’ve been beating myself up for the last few days or weeks.  I was thinking whether to push through my plan or drop it…

Well you see, I came-up with an idea.  In a few weeks I’ll be a year older. So, I should be a wiser and stronger, right? So, i finally decided that on the night before my birthday I am finally letting you go.  I’m gonna let my feelings for you, no matter how strong they are, to be taken away by the wind.

But then, today I saw you. Half intentionally and half not. I got so confused, again. I’m having doubts on what to do.?! 

I’m must honestly say that I am very happy for you ‘coz it seems you are now doing the right thing to do. You’re being a real boyfriend, a good one and hopefully a loving one. That’s what I really think you are, a good person. I know you really love her.

And me? I’ve yet to accept the fact that I am just another girl. I know somewhere in my brain and heart that I will always be your fall back.  I am that someone who’ll accept you every time you feel like something is off or, worst, when you feel bored and things are starting to get too normal and repetitive for you.  However, I can’t say that I’m sad about it because somehow I feel like you do like me too, and on contrary, it breaks me to pieces knowing that what you say and how you act are not a permanent thing.

I believe that I have established the fact that I do like you, even love you (maybe? yes?).  Who am I kidding,?! I love you!  I used to deny it to myself but after seeing your effect on me only proves that silly little me is wrong. You are truly my first love. You will surely have that specific spot in my heart. You’re part of it, no one will be able to take that spot from you. I just know that.

Many years passed and I’ve turned down some guys who shows me they have feelings for me. I was waiting for you and I just wait and wait and wait….. How long have I waited? I don’t know anymore…

While I was writing this entry and letting my current feelings ooze out for others to see I think I’ve finally made a decision on what to do.

This will be a tough choice, a scary one….


I’m finally letting this go…

No more going back….

No more holding back….

No more excuses….

I’ll be setting myself free from this feelings….



I Can’t be in love with you anymore…

I’m not in love with you…

So, I won’t wait for my birthday eve for I would just prolong the agony of moving-on and getting back on track…





I Fell Fast And Hard For Him, And In The End, He Crushed My Heart

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There is always that one person that you fall too hard for. It happens so fast and you don’t even see it coming. He seeps into your life without warning.

He was the poison in my life. It coursed through my veins and stung at my heart. It brought me to my knees gasping for air. The poison made me believe that he was the one and that he was worth fighting for. I also believed that he felt the same way about me. But I was wrong.

We were once friends. We had many late night talks and summer night drives. We could talk for hours about life and our dreams.

But I guess we can’t be friends anymore. Once the first kiss happens, it’s all over. I told him how I felt about him and he backed away. He ran into the shadows only to emerge when he…

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This Is How I Love You

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D. Sharon PruittD. Sharon Pruitt

Some days I’ll only show it through the way I ruffle your hair. I’ll steal your beanie and parade it around to say I’m yours. I’ll take your hand and spin you around and ask you to dance with me—even if you step on my toes or we end up just swaying side to side, I don’t care. I just want to be wrapped in you.

Some days I won’t talk to you all day. Maybe I’ll send you a picture of the sun, the snow, or the food I’m eating, just to keep you a part of my day—despite the distance, I want you to know even the most mundane parts of my days. Sometimes I won’t even do that much. I won’t want to show you how normally my days are going, when really all that’s on my mind is the thought of you and…

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To The Love Of My Life, Whoever And Wherever He May Be

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I can see you. If I fast forward a couple of years. I can see you. I can see you driving along the coast with the windows down and the radio up. You have one hand on the steering wheel and one entwining mine. I can see you smiling, that same smile you wore when I first met you, the one that makes my knees go weak, the one that makes me crave poetry, such that if life’s a mountain, then you’re it’s peak.

I can see you. I don’t know how, but I can. I can see the flicker in your eyes when you unexpectedly tune into the acoustic version of that Mumford and Sons song you like so much. I can see it and I can recognise it. You had the exact same spark when I told you we were going to see them live on your birthday…

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